Reactionary — the Awesome React resource list fleshed out

The rapid adoption of React reflects how rapidly devs understand it

, in 05 August 2015

As noted in an earlier post, there’s a ton of material to learn about JavaScript, and my approach to mastering it is first to rely on experienced, talented developers to point me in the right direction. In learning React.js, I quickly encountered references to “awesome React” as a resource, and I concur, it is awesome — 700 links to React resources, divided into 72 categories.

However, while it is massive and comprehensive it is also an unvariegated listing. So as I have begun to explore what each link offers, I am adding here some contextual information to the ur-source.

That means this list — like two previous ones I’ve posted on JavaScript and es6 (aka es2015) — is a re-presentation of someone else’s link list. The “awesome React” list was compiled by the relentless Nick Raienko, who continues to update it.

I have not altered the original list (each link of which is usually characterized only by a single short phrase) except to provide visuals for many links, quote a self-description or summary from the site itself, identify authors when possible and cite some of the GitHub or npm metadata. Any non-quoted description that I myself have added appears in italics and/or within square brackets. (Btw, I’m doing this gradually, so for now only a few of those 700 links are fleshed out.)


Awesome React Awesome

A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem.

Categories that the listings are arranged in:


JavaScript Library for building User Interfaces

React General Resources

React Official Site

screen capture

Lots of people use React as the V in MVC. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it’s easy to try it out on a small feature in an existing project. React abstracts away the DOM from you, giving a simpler programming model and better performance.

React GitHub

474 contributors star: 25,797 fork: 3,796

React Community

#reactjs channel on Freenode IRC Server

React Discussion Forum

React StackOverflow

React Twitter

React SubReddit

React Loop

React Podcast

React Online Playground

React JSFiddle Integration with JSX

React JSFiddle Integration without JSX

React 0.13 CodePen Integration with ES6 and JSX

React 0.13 JSBin Integration with JSX

React JSX to JS Online Compiler

React HTML to JSX Online Compiler

React Tutorials

React General Tutorials

React Tutorial

React.js Koans

screen capture

Practical exercises that will help you learn React.js from square one
21 contributors star: 2,111 fork: 112

Yo in React

screen capture

“So let’s build a clone [of Yo]… let’s build a web version of Yo, and let’s use ReactFire. We can use Firebase Simple Login to authenticate users via Twitter.

“The final project is hosted on Firebase and weighs in at about 200 lines of JSX prior to styling.”
By David Chang. Published at ‘david and suzi’ on August 4, 2014

React PhoneCat: Rewriting the AngularJS Tutorial App in React

screen capture

“[H]ere is my … walkthrough of rewriting Angular PhoneCat in React. …

“[This] React version contains 40% more lines of code [than the Angular original]. I’m certain that both the Angular and React versions could have been written more or less succinctly, but succinctness is a non-goal.

“Here’s a rapidly brainstormed list of possibly superior criteria for JS framework selection:

By Jonas Gebhardt. Published on 07 May 2014

Building a board game with React.js

screen capture

“I started thinking about how to optimize the board layout [of Twilight Stuggle] for a smaller screen, which then quickly spiralled out of control into building a playable virtual board because hey, I’m that kind of nerd.

“The tool of choice for such an undertaking? React, with a router and other libs of sundry to glue everything together.”
By Jason Trill. Posted on July 30, 2014

Trying Out ReactJS With the Marvel API

Creating Chrome Extensions with React

screen capture

“Recently, I was working on a Chrome extension, and decided to see how well React fit in to the development I was doing. (Spoiler alert: it fit in quite well.) This post is not meant to be a React tutorial in any way, but rather a brief overview of some of React’s core concepts and some of the things I learned while building the application.”
By Brandon Tilley. Posted on February 24, 2014

Working with jQuery UI Dialog and ReactJS components

Using ReactJS and KendoUI Together

Building dynamic forms with Facebook React

React Tutorial: Two way data binding

Simplifying Code with React

screen capture

“The file tree in Brackets is a bit complex and I did an experiment to see if I could use React to make it less complex. React’s claim to fame is that its programming model is extraordinarily simple: you tell React how the page should look and behave and React makes it so.

“Note: I’m assuming some basic familiarity with React here, but I’m going to spend most of my words here on how I applied React in this experiment.

“I’ll make it clear up front that React is not the only way to simplify this code. However, much of the complexity around the file tree arises because of the need to synchronize state between the model (file objects and the currently selected file) and the view. That’s exactly the kind of code that just melts away with React.”
By Kevin Dangoor. Posted May 12, 2014

[Note: A follow-up to this post, The New React-based Brackets Project Tree, was published on September 2, 2014.]

A React.js case study follow-up

Scroll Position with React

Component Interop With React And Custom Elements

Getting Started with React.js: Creating Material Design Components

Using Firebase with ReactJS

5 Practical Examples For Learning The React Framework

ReactJS for Stupid People

WebRTC chat with React.js

Learn React by building the Hacker News front page

Play Framework and Facebook’s React library

Taking React to the next level: Mixins, Gulp, and Browserify

Getting Started with React

React Tips and Best Practices

Building a Stateless Rails API with React and Twitter OAuth

React Primer

Mailbox in React

React Mixins Explained By Example

Best practices for building large React applications

A Sortable List Component in React utilizing the HTML5 Drag & Drop API

Set State in Callbacks in React

Send Props to Children in React

React Components for Cat Videos

ReactJS: Keep Simple. Everything can be a component!

Complex Drag and Drop Lists using React.js

The Future of Drag and Drop APIs

Coding with React like a Game Developer

Navigating the React Ecosystem

React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By

How do I react? Basics & Building an app from scratch

Isomorphic Apps

isomorphic-tutorial — Tutorial app to demonstrate isomorphic JavaScript concepts

Creating Isomorphic apps with React and Node.js

isomorphic500 — Isomorphic JS app built with React and Fluxible


JSX Specification

JSX in Depth

JSX extensions to Mozilla AST Format

Compiling JSX with Sweet.js using Readtables

JSX for the real DOM

JSX: E4X The Good Parts

JSX support in eslint

Lint Like It’s 2015

Building robust web apps with React

Building robust web apps with React: Part 1

Building robust web apps with React: Part 2

Building robust web apps with React: Part 3

Building robust web apps with React: Part 4

Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React

Part 1 — Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React

Part 2 — Building React Applications with Gulp and Browserify

Part 3 — Architecting React.js Apps with Flux React tutorials series

Learning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts

Build A Real-Time Twitter Stream with Node and React.js

Getting To Know Flux, the React.js Architecture

Creating A Simple Shopping Cart with React.js and Flux

React styling

React: CSS in JS


React Style

React Inline

Interoperable CSS


React Charts Tutorials

Integrating D3.js visualizations in a React app

D3 and React — the future of charting components?

React and Backbone

Using React components as Backbone Views

Chicago Backbone Meetup: React + Backbone slides

React and Angular

NgReact — React Components in Angular

ng-React Update — React 0.9 and Angular Track By

Using React for Faster Renders and Isomosphism in Angular

Faster AngularJS Rendering

Improving AngularJS long list rendering performance using ReactJS

How can React and Flux help us create better Angular applications?

Achieving Reasonable and Scalable Routing in AngularJS with Flux

React and Bootstrap

Better Bootstrap modals and popover with React.js

A mixin-based design for a React.js Bootstrap component library

Popover mixin

Bootstrap TabbedArea component with React.js

Bootstrap forms using React.js

React and ClojureScript

The Future of JavaScript MVC Frameworks

Om sweet Om

The Case for React.js and ClojureScript

A Reagent Framework For Writing SPAs

React and CoffeeScript

React & CoffeeScript

React patterns — Mostly reasonable patterns for writing React in CoffeeScript

React and Haskell

Animating Web UI with React and Haskell

stackage-view, built with Yesod and GHCJS+React

TodoMVC example with Shade (Haste+React)

react-haskell, to be used with Haste ( blog post “link to site”)

blaze-react, blaze-html style React bindings using GHCJS ( video tutorial “link to site”)

purescript-react bindings ( example app “link to site”)

React and Socket.IO

Socket.IO integration example

Socket.IO integration example inside of a single React component

Socket.IO integration employing separation of concerns

Server-Client with React

Server/Client With React, Part 1: Getting Started

Server/Client With React, Part 2: The Build System

Server/Client With React, Part 3: Frontend Server

Server Side rendering

Super-basic example of how server rendering works

Server Side Rendering for ReactJS

React Server Rendering

JDK8 + Facebook React: Rendering single page apps on the server

Server-side React with PHP – part 1

Server-side React with PHP – part 2

Server-rendered React components in Rails

Server-rendered React + Flux in Rails

Serverside React Rendering: Isomorphic JavaScript with ReactJS + Node

Go React Serverside Rendering Eample

Serverside rendering with React + Hapi

Isomorphic React apps in PHP via dnode

Compiling React Tutorials

Webpack Howto by Pete Hunt

React Webpack Cookbook

AMD and CommonJS examples with Webpack

Integrating JSX live reload into your React workflow

React JS and a browserify workflow, part1

React JS and a browserify workflow, part2

Choosing the correct packaging tool for React JS

Testing React Tutorials

Testing Flux Applications

Testing React Components

Testing React components with Huxley

Unit Testing React.js With Jasmine and Karma

Unit testing React components without a DOM

Approaches to testing React components — an overview

Debugging React

Trace Logging with React

Authentication and Authorization

Role-based authorization

Adding authentication to your React Flux app

File Uploads

Direct uploads to S3 with React, Rails, and Paperclip

Approach Explanation

React: Convincing the Boss

Why did we build React?

Remarkable React

Using React to speed up the Khan Academy question editor

Getting your team to adopt new technology

Arguing for ReactJS

React Tutorial rewritten in plain javascript

BirdWatch: AngularJS vs. ReactJS

Scala.js and ReactJS

Pros and Cons of Facebook’s React vs. Web Components

React.js plays nicely with other tools and other thoughts

First Reactions

Backbone to React

Moving Atom to React

Why we use React.js in our Rails projects


Removing User Interface Complexity, or Why React is Awesome

Facebook React vs. Ember

Moving From Backbone To React

From Backbone Views To React

React.js vs traditional MVC

Why you might not need MVC with React.js

React: Finally, a great server/client web stack

React: Referencing Dynamic Children

React.js and How Does It Fit In With Everything Else?

JavaScript’s History and How it Led To ReactJS

Saving Time and Staying Sane? Pros and Cons of React.js

Opinionated Rundown of JS Frameworks

Facebook’s React vs AngularJS: A Closer Look

Why We May Ditch AngularJS For React

AngularJS vs React

Why is React’s js size so big given its small API?

React Demystified

Two-Way Data Binding

React vs. Ember

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love React

10 reasons to use React in your next project

AngularJS vs ReactJS for large web applications

Easier UI Reasoning with Unidirectional Dataflow and Immutable Data — Using React.js and Omniscient.js

From Backbone To React: Our Experience Scaling a Web Application

Rebuilding HipChat with React.js

Boiling React Down to a Few Lines of jQuery

React Internals

React’s diff algorithm

An Optimal Decomposition Algorithm for Tree Edit Distance


Flux Tutorials

Flux Application Architecture

Isomorphic Flux examples using Dispatchr and Fetchr from Yahoo

Async requests with React.js and Flux

Implementing Flux in CoffeeScript

React: Flux Architecture

Understanding Flux

A sample app showcasing Flux with React Router

Yo in Flux

React.js architecture — Flux VS Reflux

Avoiding Event Chains in Single Page Applications

ReactJS and Flux

Deconstructing ReactJS’s Flux

Flux Step By Step

Flux in practice

Flux for Stupid People

What is the Flux Application Architecture?

React + Flux Backed by Rails API: Part 1

React + Flux Backed by Rails API: Part 2

React + Flux Backed by Rails API: Part 3

Introduction to Facebook’s Flux architecture

Flux solutions compared by example

Flux Cargo-Culting

The Case for Flux

The Evolution of Flux Frameworks

React with Flux by example — a simple Todo List dissected

Awesome Redux

FOR FLUX SAKE! — a beginners tutorial

React Native

Framework for building native apps using React

React Native General Resources

React Native Official Site

React Native GitHub

React Native Community

React Native #reactnative Twitter

React Native SubReddit

React Native Tutorials

Introducing React Native: Building Apps with JavaScript

React Native Has Landed

React Native Meets Async Functions

Introduction to React Native: Building iOS Apps with JavaScript

React Native Gestures

Gesture detection in React Native – fixing unexpected panning


React Native

Use React Native

React Native Components

react-native-webpack-server — Build React Native apps with Webpack

Flux Implementations

Flux Official Site

Flux Comparision















componentkit — A React-inspired view framework for iOS

Reapp — A UI-kit with widgets and CLI to build mobile web apps


React Starter Kit — a skeleton of an “isomorphic” web application

react-isomorphic-starterkit — somorphic starterkit with server-side React rendering

essential-react — A minimal skeleton for building testable React apps using ES6

este — Robust and comfortable dev stack for mobile/offline/frontend first isomorphic web apps

react-starter — Starter template for React with webpack

react-hot-boilerplate — Live-editing boilerplate for your next ReactJS project

react-engine — A composite render engine for isomorphic express apps

koa-react-full-example — Full example using Koa, React, Passport, Mongoose, Gulp, Mocha

mullet — A React + Hapi Starter Kit

React on Rails Starter Kit

Coffee React Quickstart

React + Webpack + Flux (Alt) + Isomorphic + Express + MongoDB boilerplate

Babel Starter Kit — a boilerplate for authoring React.js libraries with ES6+, Babel


React Components

React Component List — A catalog of React components

Khan Academy React Components

VistarMedia Components

Reactjsx Components List

React Topcoat UI components

react-material — Material design components written with React.js and React Style

material-ui — A CSS Framework and a Set of React Components for Material Design

react-touch — React photo viewer for mobile

griddle — A simple grid component for use with React

react-grid — Data grid for React

react-absolute-grid — An absolutely positioned, animated, filterable, sortable, drag and droppable, ES6 grid for React

react-async — Async rendering for React components

react-async-input — Inputs that behave properly with async set{State,Props} calls

react-mediaswitch — Choose your DOM based on media queries

react-frame-component — Render your React app to an iFrame

react-gravatar — React component for rendering a gravatar profile image

markdown-react — React Render for Standard Markdown

react-component-gallery — React component for creating an evenly spaced components

react-markdown-textarea — Component to create textareas for entering Markdown

react-textarea-autosize — Textarea component for React which grows with content

react-spinner — Zero configuration loading spinner

react-treeview — Easy, light, flexible tree view made with React

react-tree-menu — A stateless tree menu component built with the Flux architecture in mind

react-tween-state — React animation tween state

react-swipe — Brad Birdsall’s swipe.js, as a React component

react-smart-time-ago — Show relative “time ago” dates

[react-autoupdate-time — Renders a

[react-time — Component for React to render relative and/or formatted dates into

react-crouton — A message component for reactjs

react-ago-component — Renders the approximate time ago in words from a specific past date

react-translate-component — Provides multi-lingual/localized text content

react-lorem-component — Renders lorem ipsum placeholder text

react-interpolate-component — Renders elements into a format string

react-proxy-loader — Hot Module Replacement and Code Splitting

RCSS — Turn your JavaScript objects into CSS classes

ReactiveElements — Allows to use React.js component as HTML element

react-chosen — React wrapper for Chosen jQuery

react-inlinesvg — An SVG loader component for React

react-imageloader — A React component for wrangling image loading

react-loadqueueloader — A React component for managing loads with a load queue

react-loadermixin — A React mixin for giving components loading behavior

react-controlfacades — Style form controls but use their default behavior

react-pressable — Add onRelease, onReleaseInside, onReleaseOutside, and onPress events

react-google-analytics — Google analytics component

react-layers — A library for layering components in React

react-gcal-events-list — A Reusable component that pulls events from your google calendar

reactdi — Dependency injection for ReactJS components

qrcode.react — A component for use with React

react-qrcode — This is a React wrapper for qrcode.js

react-swf — Shockwave Flash Player component for React

react-unmount-listener-mixin — React mixin for listenable componentWillUnmount

react-sortable — A sortable list component built \w React

react-anything-sortable — A sortable component with IE8 compatibility

react-controllables — Easily create controllable components

[react-datalist — A polyfill for Reactjs]( "link to site")

react-pad — Authoring tool for React components

ogre.js — Object graph manager, built with ReactJS in mind

react-scroll-components — A set of components that react to page scrolling

react-fullscreen-component — Create fullscreen toggles

react-frozenhead — Make your whole page a React component and render it on the server

react-document-title — declarative, nested, stateful document.title

react-tags — A simple wrapper around React.DOM

react-datepicker by @misino — Datepicker component for application using Facebook React

react-datepicker by @Hacker0x01 — A simple and reusable datepicker component for React

react-styles — Utility to manage styles for React JS components

react-stylesheet — A component for React to declare stylesheet dependencies

react-table-sorter-demo — A React.js Table Sorter Component

react-table-component — React Table Component for creating a very basic html table

react-input-placeholder — Input is a small wrapper around React.DOM.input

react-infinite-scroll — An infinite scroll component for React

react-ellipsis — Ellipsis component for React

react-pillbox — Pillbox component for React

react-intl — React Internationalization Component

react-tokeninput — Tokeninput component for React

react-select-box — An accessible select box component for React

react-ladda — React wrapper for Ladda buttons

react-list — A versatile infinite scroll React component

olay-react — Olay implemented as a React component

reactable — Fast, flexible, and simple data tables in React

react-tabs — React tabs component

react-simpletabs — Just a simple tabs component

react-draggable — React draggable component

react-dnd — Flexible HTML5 drag-and-drop mixin for React with full DOM control

react-sticky — component for React-based apps

js-object-to-table — JavaScript objects drawing themselves into a table using React

react-kaomoji — A React component for displaying Japanese emoticons

react-calendar — Calendar that inspired by React philosophy

react-element-pan — React component for allowing panning of DOM-elements

react-anchor — Functional factory to create react anchor components

react-bootstrap-daterangepicker — A date/time picker for react (using Bootstrap)

react-bootstrap-datetimepicker — A react.js datetime picker for Bootstrap

react-bootstrap-multiselect — A multiselect component for react (with bootstrap)

react-colorpicker — Colorpicker for React

react-commits-graph — A React component to render an svg graph of git commits

react-layout — Dynamic subview layout for React

react-weather — Example React weather app using’s API

react-sparkline — React component for rendering simple sparklines

react-component-width-mixin — React mixin which sets width

react-micro-bar-chart — React component for micro bar-charts rendered with D3

react-horizontal-bar-chart — Simple horizontal bar chart component, using D3 scales only

react-infinity — A UITableView Inspired list and grid display

react-timeago — A simple time-ago component for React

react-stylePrefixr — A simple utility for React.js to help deal with style vendor prefixes

react-spinkit — A collection of loading indicators animated with CSS for React

react-html-elements-styleguide -React styleguide component

react.animate — State animation plugin for react.js

react-animate — React animation mixin

react-star-rating-input — React.js component for entering 0-5 stars

react-star-rating — A simple star rating component built with React.

react-data-components — React components and mixins for manipulating data

react-number-editor — Number editor (textfield) component for react

react-localstorage — Simple localstorage mixin for react

react-sortable-data React Mixin to sort data easily

react-widgets — Suite of ui input widgets including combobox, multiselect, datepicker and more

react-sortable — Data React Mixin to sort data easily

react-select — Rich Select Component

react-video — React component to load video from Vimeo or Youtube

react-captcha — A react.js reCAPTCHA for Google

react-cassette-player — Vector-based HTML5 Audio Player

react-tagsinput — A simple react component for inputing tags.

react-autolink — An autolink mixin for React

react-emoji — An emoji mixin for React

react-portal — A transportation of (not just) modals and lightboxes to document.body

react-hotkeys — Declarative hotkey and focus area management for React

react-datagrid — A carefully crafted DataGrid for React

react-panels — A multipurpose tabbed panel with many features

autoresponsive-react — A Magical Layout Libary For React

Belle — Set of easy to style React Components with great UX


tuxx — A feature complete framework built on the React view layer

react-magic — Automatically AJAXify plain HTML with the power of React

tcomb-react — Library allowing you to check all the props of your React components

react-responsive — Media queries in react for responsive design

react-cursor — Functional state management abstraction for use with Facebook React

Omniscient.js — Abstracting React components for fast top down render of immutable data

Touchstonejs — React.js powered UI framework for developing beautiful hybrid mobile apps.

StateTrooper — Centrally manage state for React applications with CSP

riotjs — A React- like, 3.5KB user interface library

Maple.js — Bringing the concept of web-components to React

react-i13n — A performant, scalable and pluggable approach to instrumenting your React application



React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap Components Playground

React Rails

React on Rails

om — ClojureScript interface

quiescent — A lightweight ClojureScript abstraction over React

Reagent — A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

react-haskell — React bindings for Haskell

Express React views

Express Coffee-React views — render coffee-react on the server

React Page Middleware

ngReact — React Components in Angular

React Python

React PHP

React Meteor

node-jsx — Transparently require() jsx from within node

jsx-loader — JSX loader for Webpack

cjsx-loader — coffee-react-transform loader module for webpack

Coffee React

react-coffee — Build React components using natural CoffeeScript syntax

coffee-react-transform — Provides React JSX support for Coffeescript

sprockets-coffee-react — Sprockets preprocessor for CJSX

react-kup — A simple, non-intrusive alternative to jsx for coffeescript

turbo-react — Combine Turbolinks and React to apply DOM diffs

react-bacon — A little module for using React with Bacon.js

msx — React’s JSX Transformer, tweaked to output calls to Mithril

Backbone React Component

react-backbone — Backbone-aware mixins for react

backbone-reaction — React, Backbone and then some

react.backbone — Plugin for React to make Backbone migration easier

reactbone — React extensions for Backbone

backbone-react-ui — React components for use with backbone and backbone paginator

react-events — Declarative managed event bindings for react components

react-mixin-manager — React mixin registration manager

gsap-react-plugin — A GSAP plugin for tweening React.js component state

react-topcoat by @plaxdan — Topcoat CSS components built with the React library

react-topcoat by @arnemart — A collection of React components for Topcoat

reactdown — Write React components using markdown syntax

react-jade — Compile Jade to React JavaScript

jade-react — Compile Jade templates to React.DOM expressions

gulp-jade-react — Compile Jade templates into React de-sugared JSX with Gulp

react-semantic-ui — React components for Semantic UI

semantic-react — React wrappers for Semantic UI

sbt-reactjs — React SBT Plugin using npm

scalajs-react — A guilty affair between Scala.js and Facebook’s React

rpm-xtags-rivets-finch-react — RPM project: x-tags, rivets.js, finch.js, and React

react-xtags — Using React to implement xtags

jreact — React on server-side Java (with Rhino or Nashorn)

React.hiccup — A complete replacement for JSX written in sweet.js

react-style — Integrate CSS into your React.js components

react-play — Rendering React components in the Play Framework with JDK8’s Nashorn

rx-react — Utilitiels to works with React in a RxJS

react-typescript — Wrapper to make react play nicely with typescript

react-with-di — A hacked prototype of React.js with DI

reactfire — ReactJS mixin for easy Firebase integration

react-clickdrag-mixin — ClickDrag mixin for React component

Rewrite the Admin UI of KeystoneJS in React

react-masonry-mixin — Standalone mixin for Masonry (@desandro)

react-packery-mixin — Standalone mixin for Packery (Metafizzy)


react-router by @rackt — A complete routing solution for React.js

react-router-component by @andreypopp — Declarative router component for React

react-router by @jaredly — An integrated router for react

rrouter — Declarative routing layer for React applications

react-mini-router — A minimal URL router for React.js

monorouter — An isomorphic JS router

routr — A component that provides router related functionalities from Yahoo

route-reactor — Framework-agnostic client-side router


React Forms

react-forms — Forms library for React

wingspan-forms — A dynamic form library for Facebook React

newforms — Isomorphic form-handling for React

formjs — A form generator for Reactjs

react-form-builder — A Form Builder for React.js

plexus-form — A dynamic form component for react using JSON-Schema

tcomb-form — UI library for developing forms writing less code

formsy-react — A form input builder and validator for React JS


react-autocomplete by @rackt — WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete

react-autosuggest by @moroshko — WAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component

react-autocomplete by @eliseumds- Just tasting some ReactJS + RxJS

react-autocomplete by @prometheusresearch — Autocomplete widget based on React

react-select by @JedWatson — Like Selectize / Chosen / Select2 etc, work in progress

instatype by @gragland — Simple react autocomplete component

Unit Testing

jest — Painless JavaScript Unit Testing

jasmine-react — Unit test your React.js applications with Jasmine

chai-react — Chai assertions for React

react-test-tree — Simple and concise React component testing

Documentation Tools

react-docgen — Extract information from React component files for documentation generation

react-styleguide-generator — Easily generate a good-looking styleguide


react-art — React Bridge to the ART Drawing Library

[react-canvas — High performance rendering for React components]( "link to site")

react-famous — Complex 3D animations UI at 60 FPS with

react-kinetic — HTML5 Canvas via KineticJS using React

Model Libraries

mori — ClojureScript’s persistent data structures and supporting API

swarm — JavaScript replicated model (M of MVC) library

caplet — JavaScript models library

Data Managing

Immutable.js — Immutable Data Collections for Javascript

cortex — A javascript library for centrally managing data with React

avers — A modern client-side model abstraction library

imvvm — Immutable Model-View-ViewModel for React

morearty.js — Better state management for React in pure JavaScript

valuable — An immutable data store for React

react-resolver — Isomorphic library to recursively lazy-load data for React components

freezer-js — Lightweight and reactive immutable data structure for React

mobservable — Observable data structures for building reactive React apps

baobab — JavaScript persistent and optionally immutable data tree with cursors

baobab-react — React integration for Baobab

datascript — Immutable database and Datalog query engine in ClojureScript

immstruct — Immutable data structures with history for top-to-bottom properties in component based libraries like React

seamless-immutable — Immutable data structures for JavaScript which are backwards-compatible with normal JS Arrays and Objects

Development Environment

react-devtools — React Chrome Developer Tools

sublime-react — Snippets for ReactJS

babel-sublime — Syntax definitions for ES6 JavaScript with React JSX extensions

babel-sublime-snippets — Next generation JavaScript and React snippets for Sublime

Atom React

vim-jsx — Vim JSX Syntax

vim-react-snippets — Vim version of the snippets from sublime-react

js2-mode — JavaScript editing mode for GNU Emacs

web-mode.el — An autonomous emacs major-mode for editing web templates

JSXHint — Wrapper around JSHint for linting JSX files

react-ui-builder — Tool which can be used to create working prototype using any set of React components


generator-react-webpack — Yeoman generator for ReactJS and Webpack

generator-react-app — Yeoman generator to create React application

generator-react-library — Yeoman generator for React components

generator-react-gulp-browserify — Yeoman generator for React


reactify — Browserify transform for JSX

Grunt React

Gulp React

broccoli-react — Broccoli preprocessor for React JSX

require-jsx — A require.js plugin that allows you to use JSX files as require.js dependencies

react-requirejs-example — React tutorial working together with require.js

jsx-requirejs-plugin — A RequireJS plugin for loading and compiling

react-brunch — Adds React.js support to brunch build tool

react-tags-brunch — Adds React.js tag interpolation to brunch build tool

react-hot-loader — Webpack loader that enables live-editing React components

fez-react — Transform React JSX using Fez build tool

mimosa-react — A JSX compiler for Mimosa build tool

HTML2React — Convert plain HTML into Coffeescript calls of React.DOM

JSXZ — Precompile your JSX HTML components from static HTML using CSS selectors

react-to-html-webpack-plugin — Compile React components to static HTML

static-site-generator-webpack-plugin — Prerender isomorphic JavaScript apps to static HTML

React Inline — Transform inline styles into static CSS code and class names


morpheus — The next generation web publishing platform built with reactjs

JSX Alternatives

r-dom — A simple React DOM wrapper

react-hyperscript — Hyperscript syntax for React.js markup

react-no-jsx — A pure JS DSL to be used instead of JSX

Template Engines

react-templates — Lightweight templates for React


react-googlemaps — React interface to Google maps

react-maps — A map component for React

react-google-maps — React.js Google Maps integration component

react-gmaps — A Google Maps component for React.js


react-d3 — Modular React charts made with d3.js

react-chartjs — Common react charting components using chart.js

Service Workers

react-worker — Using Service Workers to render React components


pyxley — Python helpers for building dashboards using Flask and React


GraphQL Spec

GraphQL Specification

GraphQL Specification Repository

GraphQL Tutorials

Introducing Relay and GraphQL

Building The Facebook News Feed With Relay

GraphQL Introduction

Unofficial Relay FAQ

First Thoughts on GraphQL

Modeling Queries in a GraphQL Like Way

Thin and Graphy

Mutations in Relay by Laney Kuenzel — Slides

Mutations in Relay by Laney Kuenzel — Slides

GraphQL and g2sd

GraphQL Overview — Getting Started with GraphQL and Node.js

GraphQL Implementations

graphql-js — A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

react-transmit — Relay-inspired library based on JavaScript Promises

GraphpostgresQL — GraphQL for PostgreSQL

GraphNoQL — Facebook’s GraphQL backend implemented with Node+Mongo

graphql-ruby — Ruby implementation of Facebook’s GraphQL

graphql-java — GraphQL Java implementation

sangria — Scala GraphQL client and server library


Video from Confs

Pete Hunt: React: Rethinking best practices — JSConf EU 2013

Pete Hunt: React: Rethinking Best Practices (updated) — JSConf.Asia 2013

Tom Occhino and Jordan Walke: JS Apps at Facebook — JSConfUS 2013

Pete Hunt: High performance functional programming with React and Meteor – Devshop 11

Stoyan Stefanov: Introduction to React — LAWebSpeed meetup

Pete Hunt: Be Predictable, Not Correct — Mountain West JavaScript 2014

Pete Hunt: The Secrets of React’s Virtual DOM — FutureJS 2014

Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook

Christopher Chedeau: Why does React Scale? — JSConf2014

Christopher Chedeau: React’s Architecture — OSCON 2014

Christian Johansen: Functional UI Programming — flatMap 2014

Pete Hunt: React RESTful UI Rendering — Strange Loop 2014

Stefano Masini: Refactoring to React — Amsterdam Javascript MVC meetup 10 sep 2014

Pete Hunt: How Works — OSCON 2014

Bill Fisher and Jing Chen: React and Flux — NewCircle Training 2014

Vagmi Mudumbai: Building single page apps with React.JS — JSFoo 2014

Ben Anderson: Reactive, Component-based UIs with React — E4E Developer Conf 2014

Adam Solove: ReactJS — Web Platform DC 2014

Sebastian Markbage: Minimal API Surface Area — JSConf EU 2014

Pete Hunt, Aaron Murray, and Contra Schof: Facebook React at the Meetup 8/13/14

Steven Luscher: Decomplexifying Code with React — Powered by JavaScript conf 2014

James Pearce: An Introduction to ReactJS — All Things Open 2014

Jonathan Beebe: Real World React — Nodevember 2014

Pete Hunt: Secrets of the Virtual DOM — 2014

Dave Smith: Angular + React = Speed — ng-conf 2015

Ilya Boyandin: Interactive Data Visualization with React: Taming the Complexity of Changing State — OpenVis 2015

React Native & Relay: Bringing Modern Web Techniques to Mobile — f8 2015)

Flux: A Unidirectional Data Flow Architecture for React Apps — ACM Applicative 2015

Michael Chan: React.js on Rails

Video from React.js Conf 2015

Tom Occhino and Christopher Chedeau: Keynote

Brenton Simpson: Tweak your page in real time, without leaving the comfort of your editor

Gurdas Nijor: Unlocking the structure of your React applications with the AST

Daniel Schafer and Jing Chen: Data fetching for React applications at Facebook

James Long: Communicating with channels

Michael Jackson: react-router increases your productivity

Pete Hunt: Full Stack Flux (was: The future of JavaScript layout systems)

Jason Bonta: Making your app fast with high-performance components

Eric Ferraiuolo: Format data and strings in any language with FormatJS and react-intl

Ryan Florence: Hype!

Christopher Chedeau: React Native

Andrew Rota: The complementarity of React and Web Components

Lee Byron: Immutable Data and React

Jafar Husain: Beyond the DOM: How Netflix plans to enhance your television experience

Zach Nation: Scalable Data Visualization

David Nolen: Refracting React

Bill Fisher: Flux Panel

Bonnie Eisenman: Codecademy’s approach to component communication

James Brantly: Static typing with Flow and TypeScript

React.js Team: Q&A with the team

Video from react-europe 2015

Petr Bela — Relay-like REST-friendly Immutable-based data lib lightning talk

Andreas Savvide — D3.js with React lightning talk

Dave Brotherstone — Everything they don’t tell you about context lightning talk

Mike Grabowski — Going native with Este.js lightning talk

Ovidiu Cherecheș — Cosmos lightning talk

Q&A session

Evan Morikawa & Ben Gotow — How React & Flux Turn Apps Into Extensible Platforms

Aria Buckles — Building submarines that don’t leak

Michael Ridgway — Isomorphic Flux

Kevin Robinson — Simplifying the data layer

Jed Watson — Going Mobile with React

Nick Schrock & Dan Schafer — Creating a GraphQL Server

Michael Jackson — React Router

Cheng Lou — The State of Animation in React

Sebastian McKenzie — Improving Your Workflow With Code Transformation

Red Badger session

Thinkmill session

Zalando session

Automattic session

Sunil Pai — Disto lightning talk

Sebastian Markbåge — DOM as a Second-class Citizen

Mikhail Davydov — Back to Text UI

Ryan Florence — Don’t Rewrite, React!

Joshua Sierles — React Native playground lightning talk session with Nick Van Weerdenburg

Joseph Savona — Relay: An Application Framework For React

Elie Rotenberg — Flux over the Wire

Spencer Ahrens — React Native: Building Fluid User Experiences

Michael Chan — Inline Styles: themes, media queries, contexts, & when it’s best to use CSS

Christopher Chedeau — Keynote

Dan Abramov — Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel

Lee Byron — Exploring GraphQL

Video Tutorials — 3ish minute videos on React.js

Learn ReactJS (make a Pokedex!) — part 1

Learn ReactJS (make a Pokedex!) — part 2

React.js Components — part 1

React.js Components — part 2

Advanced Input Validation With React

ReactJS: Dealing with the Server

Building UIs with ReactJS

React.js Internals

React in 7 Minutes

jFlux — Going from MVC to FLUX

Learn React in steps — BigBinary

Keep up with React — BigBinary


SurviveJS — Webpack and React

react-webpack-cookbook — A cookbook for using Webpack with React JS

Demos — Pinterest-style directory of online demos with available code

react-hn — A React & react-router-powered implementation of Hacker News

react-pokemon — A React component for displaying Pokémon

React + Backbone TodoMVC

react-rxjs-todomvc — TodoMVC implementation with React and RxJS

react-observe-todomvc — TodoMVC implementation built on top of React and Object.observe

react-lights-out — Simple demo of the React framework’s power and flexibility

todomvc-swarm — React TodoMVC implementation using Swarm for real-time collaboration

reactodo — Multiple localStorage TODO lists, built with React

lifequote — React port of a life insurance quick quoting application

reactor-demo — Isomorphic Javascript app with React

imgsible — React-based Imgur-like isomorphic demo app

wow-realm-status-react — WoW Realm Status: React Edition

react-json-editor — A generic JSON editor

react-todos — Backbone’s example TODO app with React JS for views

github-issues-viewer — A gitub issues viewer build in react + backbone

wolfenstein3D-react — Wolfenstein with the rendering layer written in React

flux-react-router-example — Sample Flux app with routing and pagination using Github API

catshop — Shopping cart built on Bootstrap 3.1 using test/fake Bitcoins

react-isomorphic-video-game-search — An Isomorphic demo powered by React

Flux ImmutableJS TodoList

Hapi+React+Flux user management system

Redux TodoMVC







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